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坣 how sound moves through the simple experiment.At first, Yu was timid. She lowered her head and leaned on her mother.

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 She did not say anything, but followed the teachers' instructions."She didn't want to go, so I took her to the class,"

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says Yu's mother, who was encouraged by the student volu▓nteers. "My daughter hasn't gone to kindergarten for a long▓ t

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ime."The disease has changed her. The chemotherapy anni▓hilated her cancer cells but weaken▓ed her. Yu's mother said she o

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nce wa▓s an active girl, who liked singing and dancing. Now she is quiet. "She seems upset, but doesn't want to tell us

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."Yu completed the paper cup telephone in half an hour. When she wa▓s asked to test it, she raised the cup and said, "Mum, I▓ love you."Everybody cheered. Yu laughed and ▓said it again, louder. Her mother, on the▓ verge of tea

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rs, said it was the happiest day since Yu fi▓rst went to hospital.In the ward, happy times are▓ short, and pain can strike at any time.Sun Peirui, 10, drew a picture of a golden lion which was put o▓n the wall. However, he stop


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ped coming to class whe▓n he became too weak due to a new ph▓ase of chemotherapy. His parents had abandoned him after divorcing. A welfare home took him in and ▓sent him to Beijing from his hometown Shandong Province for trea

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tment last year.H▓is nose bleeds frequently for up to an hour▓. His mouth is full of sores, making it hard to eat."He missed the class very much and asked me when he could return," says care worker Bu Xiurong, 62.Man▓y college students have helped as teachers, but they can't k▓now parenting.Lyu Wanxin, a sophomore student volunteer, was impressed by a boy wh

vinces. More than 5,000 chil▓dren have attended them. However, they have just 17 full-time or part-time teachers like Liu Weixiong.The pupils a

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